Traditional Finnish restaurant Ohranjyvä serves tasty classic dishes and seasonal delicacies with an authentic atmosphere – always prepared using high-quality ingredients.


  • House escargot pan (L) 12,50 €

    Traditional escargots (6 pcs) sautéed in garlic herb butter, served with lemon and roasted bread. Choose your preferred topping: blue cheese OR parmesan cheese. (Add bacon + 2€)

  • Country fries (L,G) 6,90 €

    Country-style French fries with House mayo.

  • Halloumi fries (L,G) 9,50 €

    Deep-fried halloumi cheese sticks with aioli.

  • Pickles with sour cream (L,G) 6 €

    Myrttinen pickled cucumbers, sour cream and honey.

  • Mushroom soup (L) 12€

    Creamy mushroom soup with roasted bread.

  • Wings (L,G) 10 pcs/10,90€ 16 pcs/14,90€

    A classic in Tampere. Chicken wings, celery and carrot sticks with blue cheese dip and wing sauce of your choice: medium or hot.

  • Dip options (extra dips 2€)

    Blue cheese dip
    House mayo
    Parmesan mayo


  • Green salad with roasted chicken or salmon (L) 28,50 €

    Fresh lettuce, arugula, cucumber and tomatoes, pickled onions, herb oil and the topping of your choice. Served with roasted bread.

  • Veggie sausage pan (L,G) 16,50 €

    Spicy veggies sausages and garlic & herb potatoes, pickled cucumber and sour cream.

  • House parmesan chicken (L,G) 23 €

    Fried Parmesan breaded chicken, parmesan mayo, garlic & herb potatoes, arugula salad and pickled red onions.

  • Salmon (L,G) 26 €

    Grilled salmon medallion, mashed potatoes, European crayfish, Grandma’s cucumber and lemon butter.

For kids

  • Chicken basket (L) 9 €

    Chicken nuggets, country-style fries and mayo.


    Beef patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce and ketchup in a wheat bun. Served with country-style fries.

  • Kid's minute steak 12 €

    Grilled minute steak from pork tenderloin, spiced butter and country-style fries.

  • Kid's salmon 12 €

    Roasted salmon, mashed potatoes and Grandma’s cucumber.